Welcome to the IDC-Integrative Health  

Our Mission

IDC-Integrative Health is dedicated to supporting individual, organizational and professional growth in our recovery community. 

Who We Are and What We Do

IDC provides evidenced-based, comprehensive and integrative treatment for eating disorders and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. 

We are a medical model, evidence-based eating disorder treatment center that integrates Mindfulness-Based Yoga Therapy as a tool—Reconnect with Food®, which is a highly innovative and research-based method. We adhere to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Guidelines for Eating Disorder Treatment adopted by the eating disorder community across the country.

We are accredited by the Joint Commission, which is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards of safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.


What Sets Us Apart

In addition to our Mindfulness Yoga-Based Treatment System that we have researched and developed, IDC, provides a warm, inviting, and nurturing, non-hospital environment. Our team is nurturing, caring and invested in your care. For those who struggle with eating disorders and co-occurring substance abuse, our treatment is integrated vs compartmentalized. 

IDC is available to patients from beginning to end of their treatment cycle, providing partial hospitalization treatment with lodging and intensive outpatient psychotherapy for eating disorders. This is in contrast to most eating disorder treatment programs, allowing for a progressive step down in therapy intervention.

We believe in providing patients with the most intensive level of care possible offered at our facility as in our experience, outpatient care alone is not enough for most individuals who struggle with eating disorders. Our staff is dedicated and committed to fighting for the care you need.


Our Partners

Our partners include residential treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, the medical community, universities and their respective health resource centers, college athletic departments and student associations, local area high/grade schools and corporate entities. We also partner with area attorneys, probation officers and district courts for outpatient substance abuse treatment. In addition, we are involved in various community organizations. Please scroll down to view our list of community partners.

The most important partners are our clients as we partner with you in your continuum of care.   IDC has a wealth of success stories from clients who have benefited from our treatment programs and services.


Supportive and Qualified Staff

Our practitioners are real, authentic, and empathetic – many of our practitioners have struggled with eating disorders and addictions, therefore clients feel that they are listened to and are heard. The essence of our center is what makes your treatment at our facility so successful. Our staff is composed of highly accomplished and dedicated individuals, that are committed to ongoing training and development while at our center. Most importantly, our staff as connected to our center, are skilled at building relationships with clients and making connections....which is key to eliciting change and growth.

Our clinic treatment team is made up of a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Internist and Physician Assistant, Fully Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Nurse, Medical Assistants, Activity Therapists and Registered Dietitians along with Yoga and Creative Arts Therapists.

IDC’s licensed psychotherapists and creative arts therapists use innovative approaches (such as art, music, voice, and movement) in conjunction with traditional therapeutic techniques in both intensive and outpatient programs. The core of the administrative staff at Inner Door Center® is hardworking, loyal and has our corporate culture at heart.